Sunday, 3 January 2010

Blog Number 5

Many yeas ago, most people would look forward to Christmas because it used to be times to reflect and celebrate the coming into this world of Jesus Christ. There usually was peace in homes. It used to be times for the singing of Christmas carols. Children looked forward to participating in community carol services. They also looked forward to being picked to act in Christmas dramas. These activities inspired some to become career actors and singers. Indeed there used to be the herald of joy to the world.

Christmas today is mostly unhappy times for many people. It has become times when people are pressures to impress family members and friends. The desire to impress leads many to spend money they do not have. The after effect of such spending will many people to unhappy times as people struggle to pay back money owed at Christmas through most of the coming year. There is also increasing suicide committed at Christmas.

The world has misplaced the meaning of Christmas, and people have replaced the traditional celebration of Christmas with other things. Young people and adults see this times as time for binge drinking, excessive use of of drugs, and times to experiment of new things. these acts leads people to take actions that they would normally not take.